What is RCS Messaging?

  • Rich communication services are a protocol between both mobile operators and phones. The overall aim of RCS is to replace SMS and MMS messaging eventually, the formats we’re all familiar with as they have been around for years.
  • RCS was first formed in 2007 and was taken over by the GSM Association (GSMA), the industry trade body that represents mobile operators worldwide, in 2008. In 2016, the GSMA agreed on a Universal Profile – a set of standards that all mobile operators, phone manufacturers and software providers can use to help implement RCS on devices.

Benefits of RCS messaging

  • Keep customers informed and happy with product announcements, real-time order confirmations, and excellent customer service.
  • Stay connected to customers by communicating regularly with them directly on their mobiles’ native messaging app.
  • Communicate with customers immediately without the delay or uncertainty of traditional advertising mediums.
  • Track and analyze campaigns by measuring read receipts, transactions, and other replies and actions.

Improve your customer experience with RCS

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