What is Text To Speech?

  • Text-to-speech (TTS) is a widely used assistive technology in which a computer or tablet reads out loud the text on the screen to the user.
  • This system is accessible for the near-digital gadget and it assists the lid to read without strain.
  • The ability to read digital material aloud is essential for any organisation. Rather than using all of their mental energy trying to sound out each word, users may focus on the real meaning of the text.

How Text to Speech works?

  • TTS is compatible with almost any personal digital device, including computers, cellphones, and tablets.
  • It is possible to read aloud all types of text files, including Word and Pages files. Web pages can be read aloud, even if they are on the internet.
  • Computer-generated voices are used in TTS and reading speed is often adjustable. However, there are certain sounds that seem like they’re coming from a living person.
  • Even computer-generated voices that sound like children is available. There is no doubt that a text to speech system is an effective way to handle the heavy workload of any corporation or company.
Text to speech demo

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