What is Google Verified SMS?

  • Getting an unsolicited text message can be annoying — and threatening. When a business sends a message, it’s often from a random number, so it’s hard for recipients to know whether they can trust it.
  • And even then, it’s not difficult for criminals to spoof a sender identity on a text message, which makes SMS an attractive channel for bad actors.
  • Their messages can include links to sites that steal authorization credentials or personal information, a form of phishing that some people call smishing (but we’re not going to, because what an awful word).
  • It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way to instill trust in businesses’ outgoing messages, and that someone is Google.
  • Verified SMS is a new service that adds sender verification and branding to business SMS messages so recipients can trust incoming messages at a glance.

How It Works

• With Google Verified SMS, a business can register source phone numbers with Google through a messaging provider partner.
• Then Google verifies each message the company sends and includes the sender's business name and logo and a verification badge in the message thread.
• To receive Verified SMS messages, individuals must tick a setting in the Messages app on their Android device.
• Verified SMS only works with Android version 5.2 or greater, and it's not available globally.


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