What is Click to Call?

  • Click-to-call is a feature that allows users to call a company representative while browsing a website or using an app.
  • There can be a lot of information on your website or app but occasionally people prefer to speak with a real customer executive.
  • When a client has a question regarding your product or service, he or she may not want to wait for an email response.
  • They can contact your sales and support teams directly from your website with click-to-call service.

How Click-to-Call Works?

  • Click to call is a website-based method of providing real-time communication between a client and a customer service agent.
  • A customer connects with a representative by pressing a button. This function primarily employs the hyperlink, which transmits a direct order to make several phone calls at the same time.
  • Subscribers to VoIP services and prospective clients who visit your website can use a Click-to-Call widget. Because of the initiation protocol, click-to-call makes it possible, and it also necessitates downloading the software. When a customer clicks on the link, the command is transmitted right to your dial, and all they have to do now is press the call button.
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With the Click to Call function, you can improve client segmentation and interaction. It is critical to reach out to the right customer at the right moment. A conventional phone number may be dialled by anybody, but click to call allows you to categorise your consumers wisely.

It's far easier to measure click-to-call interactions than it is to track phone calls because you know which web page your clients called you from! This may appear to be an easy task, but capturing this information can be quite useful for customer journey mapping and motivating your employees.

Click to call is an extremely successful method of encouraging customers to contact you. In fact, if there is a click to call button, 88 percent of clients are more likely to contact you.


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